Photographs of Okinawa 1971-1973

Photographs by Michael Broschat

The photographs that appear here were taken during 1971-1973—my deployment to Okinawa during the Vietnam war. I flew on RC-135 aircraft out of Kadena airbase as part of the 6990th Security Squadron/Group. Although my posting was unaccompanied (ie, the government did not pay for my wife to accompany me), my wife joined me soon after my arrival, and we lived “on the economy,” which meant that we paid for our living off base. My wife did have full base privileges, and we took advantage of those whenever desirable. Racially Japanese, she did an intensive study of the Japanese language prior to flying over to Okinawa. Although not necessary to live as we did, it certainly made life easier, especially as everyone (Americans and Japanese) presumed she was Japanese upon seeing her.

The pictures are being posted simply because I have learned that there is a degree of interest in the island of Okinawa that I would never have presumed, reflected at least in a Facebook site. Although I am not a Facebook user, a friend provides me with updates of whatever he thinks I should know about activity on the site. My (now ex-)wife and I have enjoyed the videos of modern Okinawa appearing on that site, and simply marvel that they depict the same island where we lived fifty years ago. Good for Okinawa, good for Okinawans.

It is impossible to know exactly where the photographs were taken, but I’ve tried to organize them according to my movements on the island. We traveled very little (in comparison with others I know), but did get out of Koza every now and again. A full description of my Air Force career can be seen at my web site..

KozaWe lived not far from Gate 2
NahaOkinawa’s “big city”
NagoA brief visit with a couple buddies
apartmentWe lived on Moromi Sato
around_the_islandVarious excursions with friends
building_the_futureConstruction as we were leaving (mid 1973)