Visit to Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania in spring 2004

Although Longwood Gardens owes its continued existence to one of the very rich families of early American history—the duPonts (specifically, to Pierre), its creation goes back to the earliest days of the former land owned by William Penn. Its tradition of public access originated from its originators in the 18th century, and has been continued through its current existence as one of America’s premier botanical gardens. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting several times, representing all the growing seasons of the year, and I hope there are a couple visits left in my life.

I lived without a car from 1995–2010, most of which time I was living in the area of Washington, DC, the “center of the universe,” as one Australian said to me when I was there. Center or not, there’s a lot of things to see there, and I would sometimes accompany folks who did not live without cars. This was one of those times with Gerard and Monique.

Visit to Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania in fall 2005

A second trip with Gerard and Monique.

First trip, spring


Second trip, fall 2005.

Most shots taken within the huge conservatory.