Sight-seeing around the Tucson area


In fall of 2002, Bob Nylander and I met in Tucson, Arizona, where some friends who had stayed in the Chinese studies field that both of us had left were meeting for an annual conference. We only went because our former professor—David Knechtges—was being feted for his 60th birthday. At the time, that seemed unbelievably old, but as I am that age as I write this, I’ve decided that it’s not all that much different from 50, and we all know that that’s not old. Any more.

Because Bob and I weren’t part of the academic activities, we felt free to travel around Tucson a bit, and that gave me great excuses to exercise the new camera I had bought for my Ireland trip. We divided our excursions into three areas: the Tucson vicinity, the Desert Museum, and a brief stop at Pima Air Museum.

Photos and commentary by Michael Broschat