Travel Journals

From Michael Broschat, 1995–1998

Starting out as emails describing events while traveling, they extended into a proto-blog upon our settling in Washington, DC.

Sarah Louise Williams: Nanjing 1998

I cannot recall how I knew Sarah, but it has to have been the Technology for Translators class that Melissa and I taught for the Translation and Interpretation program currently hosted by Bellevue College (and apparently now called TRANS 105: Terminology Management & Research). Sarah had done some time in Germany and so was probably in the class working toward a certificate in German translation. A couple years after that class, we moved to the Washington, DC area, and published via email a set of observations thereupon. Some people liked these.

When I saw a doctor in the early 1990s, he told me that his evangelical Christian organization wanted to send missionaries to China but that the Chinese government would not allow this. So, they went as English teachers.

Sarah went to China in 1998, clearly as part of a Mormon group, but whether that group was intended as a guerilla evangelical group isn’t clear. Whatever, she clearly had a wonderful and enlightening time, and her email diary reflects her fundamental sweetness. She had dramatically blonde hair, which she notes in her diary, and which attracted a certain amount of attention among the nation of “black heads,” a phrase Chinese sometimes use in self-reference.

When I established the “Travel Journal” section of this web site, it was not only to include my own journals but also those of Sarah and, with some future work, Peter O’Brien, resident for a couple years in Thailand. Sarah’s intelligence and sweetness shine through in these messages, and I hope you enjoy reading them, even more than twenty years after their creation.