Williamsburg on Fire

Photos by Michael Broschat, December 2010

For the month of December, Colonial Williamsburg does what it can to make festive their cute little town.


Somewhat distorted (it’s four pictures combined), this was my room (#3051). I knew I had to photograph it before I destroyed it with my presence.

The cardinal is rather common in Williamsburg. Thank goodness.

Our guide explained that the Williamsburg exterior decorations are largely fabrications from the early 20th century. Earlier folks didn’t much deal with outside decorations.
This is mistletoe, before it becomes a decoration.

She explained that although not “authentic,” the style has come to be called “Colonial Revival.”
Contests are held each year among the residents of Colonial Housing, and competition is fierce.

Notice the arrangement pattern of the three objects. The fact that neither object is hanging on the door keeps the fruit and other natural objects from being knocked to the ground earlier than the current arrangement.

Real apples. Don’t be afraid to paint them or anything else you need to do.