A visit to Colonial Williamsburg with Monique and Gerard Lecroix, 2005

Taking advantage of Miss Jean’s comfortable (for four) vehicle, the four of us hit some of the high spots of the East Coast, that’s for sure. The trip documented here was to Colonial Williamsburg where we even stayed the night.

Someday, I’ll figure out how many times I have visited this national treasure, but the first time would have been in 1998. I think the most recent was 2011. Eventually, I would not bother to do much sight-seeing, as I would go in winter for the relative isolation, and take a book or, once, a coding project I wanted to work on. I even have a favorite room, but it took great luck and prior arrangement to get that. The others were fine, too.

But this trip was all for the sight-seeing, so please join us in a brief tour.