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A gallery of photographic explorations of various topics

by Michael Broschat

Beginning around 1998, I have created collections of photographs—often with commentary—around certain events or interests in my life. The materials have been at hand since the 1960s, which is when I started taking pictures of many things I encountered. With the advent of the Web—and of its HTML-based presentation system, I have been able to organize these photographs and comments into “topics.” Now that I have unlimited space in which to store and from which to display these, I make them available to my Web site.

Remembering Gary Kildall The grave of this personal computer pioneer is in Seattle Start here
On Reading Henry Adams This short essay introduces a project concerning a work by Henry Adams Start here
Trip to Monterey, California Seeing an old favorite through the eyes of Pittsburgh Start here
Trip to Quebec, Canada Surrounded by French speakers, we survived Start here
Hosting Japanese students from Atomi Their Spring Break was a delight for me Start here
Edward L Robinson (1947-2018) Some friends offer words upon the passing of their friend Start here
Prince Edward Island, Canada Fall trip to this part of Atlantic Canada Start here
Leonard Blaisdell A look at the life of my older brother (1930-2018) Start here
Alberta, Canada in September 2017 A fall trip to mid-western Canada by the Intrepid Trio. Start here
Meriko Maida A memorial to this last link to Japan for descendents of the American Maida family Start here
50th high school reunion, Westmont High School For 1965 graduates but of possible interest to other Campbell Union High School schools Start here
A trip to Victoria BC A fall trip to western Canada by the Intrepid Trio. Start here
A History of B & B Construction A brief description of the only two known projects by this little known construction company. Start here
Longview Christmas Lights, 2013 More nighttime colored lights, this time from Longview, WA. Start here
My Life as a Government Contractor, 1998–2013 Fifteen years in the Washington DC area contracting with the federal government. Start here
Intrepid Trio visits Chicago, December 2012 Les Miserables, Second City, A Christmas Carol, ChristKindlMarket, and Lulu Start here
2011 Oct
Places in New England, Oct 2011 Michael’s 2011 vacation included Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire Start here
2011 Aug
Earthquake in Arlington We’ll forget this excitement on 23 August 2011 soon enough, but for a reminder... Start here
Hunt Tour 2011, Middleburg, Virginia Come watch the rich people ride horses! Or whatever. Start here
2010 Dec
Colonial Williamsburg on fire Christmas is an important time of year for the financial health of the organization. Take a look at what you see then. Start here
2010 Dec
A visit to southern Maine for a pre-Christmas event Less than a week, but all sorts of things going on. Take a look. Start here
2010 Oct
A visit to the Chanticleer garden in Pennsylvania Although I know ‘Chanticleer’ (one of my favorite singing groups), I didn’t know that there is a garden in Pennsylvania by that name. Come along and see it. Start here
2010 May
Touring the Dupont Nemours mansion I joined a small group of intrepid travelers, and visited the Delaware home of one the members of the famous Dupont family, which came to the US in 1799 and quickly made its mark. Start here
2010 Jan
A Snowy Colonial Williamsburg (Jan 2010) A rare event—snow in Williamsburg, VA, and I was there! Start here
2009 Sep
More Canada (Fall 2009) The intrepid trio takes a tantalizing trip to oTtawa and MonTreal. Start here
A Visit to Mt Vernon, Home of George Washington Coincidentally on his birthday, I visited Mt Vernon with a couple friends. Start here
2008 Sep
A trip to Nova Scotia and points south Canada, Maine, and Massachusetts—how much better can it be! Start here
2008 Jun
In memory of my sister, Shirley Garcia Some details of her life, with pictures, as well as an audio interview. Start here
2007 Oct
Maryland Renaissance Fair Oct 2007 This was a fun costume-optional event that draws thousands of willing participants each year. Not dissimilar to Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival. Start here
Visit to Huntsville, Alabama Oct 2007 I only photographed the NASA Space Museum (being in class the rest of the time), but that is cute enough to stand for Huntsville. For the moment, anyway. Start here
2007 Sep
Back Again to the West Coast, Sep-Oct 2007 From a wedding in Seattle through stays with family and friends along our West Coast. Start here
2007 Apr
A spring trip to Williamsburg This one was an April visit in 2007, scheduled later than my usual winter visit, in order to catch a performance by Ute Lemper in nearby Hampton. Start here
2006 Sep
Visiting the American Northeast, September 2006 See the accompanying blog entry, for full details. Essentially, it was another week's vacation, this time to Massachusetts and Maine. Start here
2006 Apr
A trip to Hong Kong, 2006 I didn’t rush to visit the Stites family in Hong Kong, because I’ve been there a few times already. But with their impending move to Brazil and promises that they live in great luxury, off I went. Here are a few shots and notes I made, as I enjoyed myself on what was, after all, my 2006 vacation. Start here
2005 Sep
A visit to Chincoteague, Sept 2005 Ed Lohoski drove us to the Maryland Eastern Shores area, specifically for a visit to Chincoteague National Park. The area is known for its wild horses and a cute lighthouse. You get to see all, in this illustrated tour. Start here
2005 Jul
California Dreamin' A trip to my birthplace in the summer of 2005, this includes shots of a wedding, as well as various places south of San Francisco, and especially in the area of Santa Cruz. Start here
2005 Mar
A hike in West Virginia Young Kerry Webster joined Lohoski and me on an excursion into West Virginia, specifically the area around Harper’s Ferry. Oh, but don’t forget the Charles Town Race Track. I’d like to. Start here
2005 Feb/Aug
A couple trips to Maine Ed Lohoski bought his dream home up in Maine (in the middle of winter!) a while ago, and I’ve made a couple trips up there. A very pretty place, as perhaps you can see from these pictures. Start here
2005 Feb
A winter trip to Williamsburg I’ve been several times to this restored town of the American Colonial period, and this trip was in the company of the infamous threesome: Jean, Monique, and Gerard. Start here
2004 Oct
Walking the Mt Vernon Trail Photographs taken during a walk from, approximately, Washington National Airport in Northern Virginia to Mt Vernon, the home of George Washington, one fall (2004). Start here
2004 Oct
Australia My trip of Fall 2004 (their spring). Features itinerary by Linda Campbell Bird, as well as plenty of contact with the Bird family. And birds, too—don’t forget the birds. Start here
2004 Aug
At the end of the Big Ride In 2004, Courtney Searls-Ridge rode her bicycle across the United State from Seattle (in the company of some other folks), and this bit of exercise happened to end where I was living at the time. Start here
2004 Jul
Great Falls, on the Potomac One of Lohoski’s hikes, this one took us to the upper reaches of the Potomac, a much more “energetic” part of the great river that flows near my apartment. This national park straddles Virginia and Maryland, and is both beautiful and dangerous. Start here
2004 June
The World War II Memorial in Washington, DC I walked over to the new memorial a month after it opened in May 2004. Start here
2004 Spring/Fall
Longwood Gardens, Spring and Fall This excursion was led by Monique and Gerard Lecroix, with the able assistance of Miss Jean. This huge remnant of a Dupont estate is still private but very much open to the public. Worth a trip any time of year, these spring shots might get most people’s votes for best time of year. With pictures from a subsequent fall visit. Start here
2004 Apr
Cherry blossoms, Spring 2004 My current residence (Washington, DC) is well known for its cherry blossoms. I happen to like the cherry blossoms in Seattle, too, but here are some pictures of the East Coast variety. Start here
2004 Apr
My family, and the history of oil in the United States How can there be any connection whatsoever? It’s slight, but shows some fun discoveries Tom Clark and I made in Pennsylvania one day. Start here
2003 Dec
Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) awards At the end of 2003, a ceremony was held at NASA headquarters here in Washington, DC, and a couple hundred of us who had worked in support positions for this investigation were honored with some awards. Here’s a picture or two and some names. Start here
2003 Jul
Fireworks on the National Mall, Washington DC, 4 July 2003 With my first digital camera in hand, I parked my butt on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial, and photographed that year’s offering. Start here
2003 May
A month in Houston, May 2003 When the Columbia space shuttle disintegrated upon re-entry on 1 February 2003, NASA convened a project to determine the cause. Start here
2002 Oct
Sightseeing in Tucson, Arizona Oct 2002 This web topic hasn’t been on my web site since about 2003, but I like the pictures so here it is again. Start here
A tribute to David Knecthges, Tucson, Arizona Oct 2002 Some years ago, Asian Languages and Literature colleagues gathered in Tucson for a dinner to honor David Knechtges. Start here
2001 Sep
A trip to Ireland, 2001 I went to Ireland very shortly after the events of 11 September 2001, a trip that had been planned before the tragedy. Start here
2001 Sep
Pittsburgh Pirates Fireworks, 2001 See the splendor of colored fire in the sky, lighting up Pittsburgh and a decade to come. Start here
Mildred A collection of photographs having to do with Mildred Lidderdale Blaisdell Broschat, my mother (1909–2000). Start here
1997 Nov
Moving to the East Coast, 1997 I moved east from Seattle (with Melissa) in late fall, 1997. A few years ago, I came upon the photographs I had taken during our trip along the southern crossing of the United States (Highway 10), and displayed them in a way I had not before (but that I have copied since). As I worked on that presentation, I realized that it would be best to include such segments of our travel journal as might be useful to make sense of the photographs. Start here
Dancing in Seattle Some pictures I took when I was involved with the world of partner dancing in Seattle, and especially of a session at Living Traditions taught by Frankie Manning. Start here
The Fall: Seattle 1991 A unique weather pattern generated fall colors to which the Northwest is not normally prone. Start here
My Time with the CIA Not a lot of time but part of my life. Start here
1989 June
Witnesses to Tiananmen (4 June 1989) Four witnesses to the events of June 1989 have written first-hand accounts of what they saw. Read them here. Start here
Asian Languages and Literature, candids Some pictures I took during my years at the University of Washington Start here
Three Years on Taiwan, 1976–1979 Our participation in the Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Study (“Stanford Center”) led to a life-changing experience. Start here
Trip to Japan, 1973 Near the end of our time on Okinawa, we visited relatives on mainland Japan. Start here
An Airman's Life, 1969–1973 My enlistment in the Air Force during the Vietnam War was pretty typical of what non-career Air Force enlisted men experienced. Here is my story. Start here
Okinawa, 1971–1973 Bases on this island were familiar to many Vietnam-era military personnel. Start here
Crown College studio portraits 1969–1970 Some portraits of UCSC students by two student residents. Start here
Two topics concerning UC Santa Cruz Photographs of Robert Heinlein, and illustrated Zen Start here
David’s Kids Taken in 1968, these photographs and comments are intended as a tribute to a long-passed friend—David Molinari, but also to American public education, in which he worked and that—sometime earlier—produced me. Start here
David Molinari and the New Directions Trio Taken in 1967, these photographs and comments are a minor documentary of a jazz trio that existed in Santa Cruz, California during the last half of the 1960s. Start here
Tutorials in Letters and Science Beginning in fall 1965 and probably through the end of the decade, San Jose State College offered a kind of honors program for qualifying students. The program was based upon the work of Alexander Meiklejohn. Details within. Start here
My life at the Saratoga News From summer 1964 through the summer of 1968, I worked at a local newspaper, both as photographer and as photolithographer. Start here