A trip to the US west coast, October 2007

Photos by Michael Broschat

This trip was prompted by the marriage of a Seattle friend but of course would include visits to other folks on the west coast of the US, my former home.

I was looking out over a vast unending sea of clouds, when I saw something sticking up through.

Out on the road, we tell all the turkeys
Yes it’s always raining and the sun never shines
But all the natives know when the mountain lifts her skirts
The view from home will flat-out melt your mind

[Bryan Bowers, “The View from Home”]

Boeing Field’s Museum of Flight

Touring downtown Seattle

J Michael Pope marries Sarah Devine

In Klamath Falls, Oregon

In Sacramento, California

In Davis, California

In Campbell, California

In Santa Cruz, California

In Monterey and Pacfic Grove, California