Photographs taken at UC Santa Cruz, 1968-69

The first topic involves photographs I took during a seminar at Crown College in the spring of 1969, just before my graduation. The seminar had a guest lecturer, the noted novelist Robert Heinlein. Because Mr Heinlein was a social friend of Dean McHenry, chancellor of the university, students and their partners were invited to an evening dinner with the Heinleins. I photographed both events.

The second topic features photographs of a visit to the UC Santa Cruz campus of famous folk singer and activist Joan Baez and her recently wed husband, David Harris. Harris was traveling to campuses to explain his anti-draft position, and the presence of Ms Baez was a guarantee of a fine draw.

The web topic, however, features an explanation of what I have always called my two Zen experiences. As I created the topic, I realized connections among various incidents and objects in my life at the time, and the Baez/Harris photographs feature in only part of this broader subject.

Written and photographed by Michael Broschat, UCSC Crown College 1969