Some places in the US Northeast
October 2011

Photos by Michael Broschat

This little vacation visited a few places in the Northeast, some of them planned for, some not. I went by myself into Bucks County, Pennsylvania, then visited with the Barretts in Holyoke, before moving up into Stockbridge, Massachusetts (can you spell that, kids?) and then to Maine and New Hampshire. It was fall, which means “leaf season” in those parts, but that wasn’t my intention and they tell me that nature was not terribly cooperative this year, anyway.

Incidentally, Jon (of Philadephia) notices that too many people from Bucks County speak of it as if it were a place not a county. For what it’s worth. My own observation is that there are so many little towns there that you’re not likely to know any, so they’ve gotten into the habit of specifying a larger district. Whatever.

By location, with photographic illustration: