A trip to the US northeast, September 2006

Photos by Michael Broschat

This trip (a vacation from my job in the Washington, DC area) had three goals: East Taunton, Massachusetts; Holyoke, Massachusetts; and Wells, Maine. Part of the East Taunton experience was a trip to the Franklin County Fair in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Specifically, this was to join in the celebration of the 60th birthday of an old Seattle friend, Bob Nylander. But it was also an opportunity to introduce some Chinese friends to a bit of Americana. And I was anxious to meet the daughter, now six, who had been growing up in China until about a year before this visit.

Unfortunately, I felt as I spent my last day with the Gu family that I was getting the flu. It would indeed turn out that the kids had had same the previous week or so. Because of that, I decided to drive straight on to Maine where I knew I could flop down on old friend Ed’s couch for a few days. He might get my flu, of course, but after all what are friends for? In the end, he did not, and I even joined a small party that “climbed” Mt Washington near the end of my vacation.

East Taunton, Massachusetts

Franklin County Fair in Greenfield, Massachusetts

Jeep Rosenberg in Greenfield, Massachusetts

Mt Washington, New Hampshire