Visits to Maine, February and August 2005

Photos by Michael Broschat

My first visit to Maine was to see the house that Ed Lohoski had just bought. The snow cover was quite managable and provided the perfect touch to a Maine visit. I would visit several times over the next few years but it’s fun to see these first impressions.

The location of the house and our various activities lies in the southern tip of Maine, which has a distinct feel of a tourist destination. Could be the hotels. Maybe the ocean—everyone likes an ocean.

As it happens, I know other people in that general area of the Northeast, so visits could be somewhat complex, but travel is quite convenient in that densely populated region of our country.

The second visit was in August of the same year. I don’t recall a particular reason for the timing, but certainly having seen Maine in its native winter clothing it was intriguing to imagine it in a swimsuit.


August trip