As explained in the introduction, I went to Ireland in 2001, just a couple weeks after the tragedy of 11 September 2001. Dulles Airport in Washington, DC had never been so sparsely populated, and probably never will again. Measures were still being worked out for the extra security we're all now used to, but that was only a problem at Logan in Boston on the return trip.

I created this web site a few years after my return, combining my journal with relevant pictures. Now in 2014 I re-did the site, mostly just to add a viewing technology that I've developed. It lets you see the pictures as large as is your monitor. The pictures look better for several reasons, but perhaps you're seeing this for the first time so it doesn't matter. It was a fun trip.

Michael Broschat; Longview, Washington; June 2014


County Clare

Counties Clare and Galway

County Galway

County Mayo

County Meath and Dunsany Castle

Tara, County Meath


Overcast colors in Ireland

The adventure of the last day

My beauty