Hiking Great Falls on the Potomac

Another hike led by Ed Lohoski, who had actually been here before and dared to hike it again.

From the perspective of the greater Washington, DC area, the Potomac River seems to begin around Great Falls. Of course, in reality the origins of the river stretch from West Virginia and upper Maryland, but at Great Falls (about 15 miles up river from the DC area), the river is much narrower than what DC area folks are used to. And the DC area placid (appearing) river is rather vigorous at this site easily accessible to DC area folks. We attribute vigor to the young, and so we think of Great Falls as near the origin of the river that so affects DC area folk.

Great Falls also represents the fall-line of the Potomac River. This is where the underlying geology changes from hard rock to a softer sedimentary rock, often leading to waterfalls and rapids.