Always highly aware of publicity and the public view of itself, in general, NASA put on a nice show as it saluted the 200-some folks who worked on the CAIB investigation project in staff support positions during several months of 2003.

We gathered at NASA Headquarters on E St in Washington, DC, and it was fun to see some folks I hadn’t seen for awhile (I left the company contracting some of these services, a couple months before CAIB officially ended its investigation).

While the contribution of the vast majority of us could be easily exaggerated (and was), there is no question but that some of the people working on the project were absolutely top-notch, and whatever success this project had (great, so far as I can tell) is owing to that small group of people who actually knew what they were doing. And did it.

Nevertheless, the rest of us were happy to bask in this reflected glory, and accept our awards as if we deserved them. You learn to live with who you are.