Photos from Asian Languages & Literature, University of Washington, 1973–1985

I’ve taken pictures all my life, and to some degree can be said to have illustrated a record of my life.

Part of that life was spent as a graduate student at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, which I entered in fall 1973 and finished with a PhD in June 1985. Although not every minute of that time was spent in school (or even in Seattle), the period was a defining experience of my life, and much of the credit for that goes to the amazing body of students, faculty, and administrative staff I encountered there.

As I finish my working career, I am digitizing all the photographs I’ve taken during my life. Previous experiences have shown the wisdom of getting help with person identification at the earliest opportunity. And other experiences (including my family’s scrapbooks) have shown the utter futility of page after page of photographs without identification. So I’m making an effort to identify everyone in the photographs that appear to me to refer to my time at UW. Already I’ve received help from David Knechtges and David Banner. Perhaps now from you, too.

Edit, December 2021. Identifications are probably as complete as they ever will be, so let’s just let this collection serve to mark a remarkable time in the history of American Asian studies.

Michael Broschat