5-minute tours

Michael Broschat

A recent bout of photo cataloging reminded me that I have taken lots of pictures that illustrate some particular place I’ve visited. When I have had a set of pictures that I want to describe and that inspire me to connect with narrative, I make a Web Topic. But it turns out I have lots of pictures I can’t really summon enough reason to provide narration, often because it was so long ago.

So, stimulated in part by the pandemic, I want to simulate the old slide shows you might remember from years ago. Because the thing we remember most about those was falling asleep due to boredom, I’ve set the slides to change every three seconds. Before it’s over—almost before you can breathe, the show’s over.

The first group (the last?) uses the photos I’ve just cataloged, all of which are scanned from film. I went digital about half-way through 2003, and never looked back. Whether I’ll ever get to my digital photos remains to be seen.

Snapshots with guided tour option
Snapshots of...Guided tour of...
Japan1973 trip to Japan
Ireland2001 trip to Ireland
Chicago2012 trip to Chicago
Hong Kong (pre-reversion)2006 trip to Hong Kong